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Medicine 3.0

Work With MetaboLab: We Make This Simple Columbus Ohio

With 2 straight forward ways to work with us, we can get you going faster towards your goals than most clinics.


How we can work together

Your 2 Paths Forward With Our Clinic:

Your choice.

Option 1: Pick your own consults or testing.

Just like it sounds, you pick. You get the consult, testing, or imaging as appropriate. Then we review it together. These are highly focused, specific reviews.

With this option, we don’t do the comprehensive, Intensive consult. 

We stick to only your specific requests. 

Option 2: A consult to guide you on what future consultations, diagnostic or lab testing, coaching and tech, may be most useful for your goals, timeline, and budget.

You feel overwhelmed. You’re tired of piecing something together.

You just want to know a new path forward.

You want guidance and a plan.

We can help. 

Option 1: Look at our menu for your selection.

We have a wide range of cutting edge, Medicine 3.0 offerings.

Look at our Services, Consultations, Testing, Therapies, and Treatments. 

Select and take action. 

X-Ray illustration of the human body on top of a mobile phone

Option 2: Let’s have a consult like no other.

Here’s what we’ve learned in our YEARS of experience:

It is not enough to give a list of “what you need to do” to clients.

We must know EVERYTHING about what they’ve been doing, so we can figure out, how & why it’s not been working for them.

We accomplish this through a consult we call, The Intensive Consult.

Take us for a free spin.

Watch Our Webinar To Help You Decide. Available 24/7.

No catch, no obligations. But there is an opportunity for a discount code for our Intensive Consult if you watch.


No more sidelines healthcare. Your choice is PROACTIVE healthcare. That’s us.

The term “Medicine 3.0” refers to a proposed evolution of medicine beyond the current models. While there isn’t a strict definition, it generally encompasses a shift towards more personalized and proactive healthcare, leveraging advancements in technology, data analytics, genomics, and other fields to tailor medical treatments and interventions to individuals more effectively. 

We look forward to working with you Columbus Ohio