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Your Biohack

Personalized Protocols For Lifestyle Performance Medicine

Before this clinic was realized by Dr. Heather Bartlett, below are many pain point complaints and issues she heard as primary care physician. And besides an Rx, there wasn’t much more that could be offered in primary care. That wasn’t satisfactory for Dr. Bartlett.

So Dr. Bartlett set out review and read the research. She sought out world experts. How can we help aid the body to heal itself?

After years of compiling genetic labs, serum and whole blood labs, telomere analysis, diagnostic testing of resting metabolic rate and body composition with visceral fat monitoring, followed by targeted supplementation, therapies, and large emphasis on mitochondrial health, we now have MetaboLab, Your Biohack. 

For anybody going after any of these goals seeking a meaningful way, we can’t advise as well, or thoroughly without the intensive consultation. Through that, we can set up a plan taking goals, timeline, and budget into consideration.


No goal is too distant to reach. With the help of a personalized protocol and performance medicine, you can make gradual progress in your health goal.

Whether you need more energy or better mental clarity, creating healthy habits and focusing on small steps along the way is essential to achieving lasting change.

By staying motivated, having ambition, and perusing excellence with patience, we want to help you try to reach all of your health goals.


Creating a timeline for health goals is essential to ensure success.

Setting realistic benchmarks based on your own personalized protocol can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Performance medicine is rapidly evolving and offers many opportunities to manage individual health and wellness objectives.

Through goal setting, tracking progress, and regularly reviewing performance, anyone can work toward achieving their desired state of well-being.

Taking charge of your health through goal setting is one of the best ways to create long term wellbeing and happy living!


Setting and sticking to a spending budget for health goals can seem like a daunting task, but it is not something that has to be done alone.

By taking the time to understand your personalized protocol with performance medicine and investment into your goal honestly and openly, you are well on your way to becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

When it comes to goal-oriented health budgeting, don’t just think of it as a box to check off—it is an essential step towards reaching new heights with your health and wellness!

Your Body


We’re the clinic that uses cellular science and genetics to help you get the body you want. We have a wide range of treatment therapies to help you look and feel your best beyond the roadmap of your body.

Physical Your Body Performance Medicine Columbus Ohio MetaboLab Your Biohack

Weight loss

You are not like everyone else. Why should your weight loss plan be?

Muscle mass increase

Tone, tighten & transform your body cellularly from the inside out.

Increased energy

Most of us feel like energy starts to escape us as we move into middle age. Even with a healthy lifestyle, energy can tend to diminish as a natural aging process. We can help slow, or even try to reverse this.

Improve brain health

At our medical clinic, we are dedicated to helping individuals improve brain health and function. We believe that brain wellness should not diminish as we mature. A cellular, performance medicine approach can help.

Your Hormones


At this clinic, our goal is to help your body’s hormones stay balanced and optimized. Endocrine imbalances can affect your body in dramatic manners. 

We also want to be forward: we are not a hormone replacement clinic. There are many other clinics that have that approach that you can find in the area.

Your Hormones Endocrine Performance Medicine Columbus Ohio MetaboLab Your Biohack

Blood sugar control & stabilization

Simply monitoring a Hba1c is not pro-active enough.

Decreased visceral fat (fat around your internal organs)

These fat cells act like small endocrine secreting tumors creating massive inflammation. Diminishing the quantity of visceral fat should be of importance for longevity. We monitor this.

Decreased inflammation

Inflammation creates cellular damage. It also can increase risk for a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack, stroke, or peripheral vascular disease. 

Healing fatty liver (and hopeful reversal if not already permanent)

Our liver is a critical organ in our endocrine function. It’s not merely, only, a detoxifying organ. It creates our cholesterol, in response to our food intake. This is powerful to understand. Healing these cells has to be a priority.

Your Movement

Physical Performance

By the time we are in our middle age, this should be a priority. Muscle is the currency of longevity — this currency starts diminishing in our middle age. It takes extra effort, and specificity to change this towards increasing our muscle mass. Performance medicine and precision medicine together can help.

Your Movement Physical Performance Performance Medicine Columbus Ohio MetaboLab Your Biohack

Improved endurance

Improving physical endurance may require engaging in regular aerobic exercise and building up strength through resistance training. But it might take more than that.

Stamina gains

Stamina is only as good as the infrastructure that supports it. If our cells don’t have everything they need, stamina cannot progress.

Increased muscle mass

It’s not just about exercise, it’s about your genetics. Working out just to work out is old science. For specific goals, we need to look at each person’s specific genetics — what will help? Will it help?

Testosterone and growth hormone matter to men and women alike, but it’s all about the hormones in a body singing together, not working against each other. 

Achieve personal records (PRs)

Learn about your body so it can be optimized, rather than forced into a capability that won’t come, but could create injury.

Your Longevity

How you age is your choice

Aging is inevitable, but how you age is your choice. Taking proactive steps to age well can help improve longevity and reduce excessive, early cellular damage.

Improved energy

Diminished energy can be related to natural aging phenomenon, but also nutritional & biochemical deficiencies that can be easily corrected for some.

Your Longevity How your age is your choice Performance Medicine Columbus Ohio MetaboLab Your Biohack

Reverse metabolic dysregulation

Having any identifier of metabolic syndrome, with or without a formal diagnosis, creating faster cellular aging. Reversing that as much as possible is key.

Stabilize DNA

The replication process of our DNA take a tremendous number of biochemical reactions and needs. Not filling in the gaps can create more errors in our DNA, which can then lead to increased chances of malignancies.

Replenish cellular needs

Give your cells specifically what they need — done well through micronutrient testing we offer. 

Halt telomere shortening to stabilize DNA

Telomeres protect natural chromosome ends from being recognized and processed as damaged DNA. As they shorten, the risk of increases of DNA errors. The actual processes of the shortening can be age related, but also, it can be, and is often, accelerated. We can check the actual length of them and check it against chronological age versus your biological age. 

Meet retirement life goals & expectations

Looking to achieve your retirement life goals and expectations? Performance medicine can help you get there by helping you stay active, healthy, and energized well into your golden years. With performance medicine, you can take control of your health and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer, including reduced risk of chronic disease, improved cognitive function, and enhanced energy.

Optimize against malignancy

Restoring and optimizing your cells is one of the best ways to reduce risk of malignancy.  Lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, micronutrients levels, telomere length, antioxidant levels, and immune function all play a role, which is why we offer specific testing to help aid with each of these needs. 

Your Healing


Your body’s ability to heal impacts how quickly you recover from an injury or illness. Cell health is important for recovery, and antioxidants help keep the cell healthy. Mitochondria are also responsible for cell health and energy production, so keeping them healthy is crucial for a speedy recovery.

Your Healing Recovery Performance Medicine Columbus Ohio MetaboLab Your Biohack


Sleep is very important for the body to heal. The body can’t recover as well if you don’t sleep enough. We can help optimize this through genetic testing, for example, to know how your body metabolizes caffeine. 

Gut healing

Having a healthy gut is really important for having a healthy body. This is because your gut helps you digest food and get the nutrients you need. If you have Crohn’s, your gut might not work as well as it should. This can be caused by damage to the microvilli, which are tiny projections on the surface of cells that help with digestion. You might also be more sensitive to certain foods if you have Crohn’s, because your gut might not be able to handle them as well.

But what if we could help heal the gut with specific food avoidance, peptide protocols, and 100% bioavailability with IV micronutrient aid?

Tissue healing

Could poor tissue healing be the result of micronutrient deficiencies?

Turns out, yes.

And what if we could help stimulate healing with specific peptide protocols?

Post exercise restoration

The more optimized the cell and replenished, the faster the restoration. The faster you get back to doing what you love, at the level you expect. 

Post marathons, ultras, and other demanding activities restoration

High demand activities also create high demand on the cells themselves. The body cannot out perform it’s weakest links — so why not optimize cellularly and with your mitochondria so all the training can lead to new levels. Don’t let your cells stop all the effort of your training. 

Lower inflammation

Antioxidant levels are powerful aids in healing, but in excess, they can actually become prooxidative. This is not something many are aware of. The right level of antioxidants, and that’s why with performance medicine, we can test for that.

Healing from chronic and acute injuries

Healing is complex and simple all at the same time. If the body doesn’t have the energy to heal, or the building blocks to heal, it won’t. But between our testing, and some peptide protocols, we can try to aid this faster. 

Pre-Operative optimization

The healthier the cells are pre-operatively, the more likely an expected good recovery can be. Procedures place high demands on the cells to perform. Optimizing pre-procedure should be common place. 

Post-Operative optimization

This too should be common sense. What happens when the body is low on the basic healing needs after a procedure? An unexplained wound, maybe. It takes a tremendous amount of energy for healing, so why ask your body to performa a miracle, when we can use science in the first place to help it. 

Your Skin

Youthful Appearance

Some people are trying to improve their skin health by using science. They are doing this by using performance medicine. How skin looks has everything to do with the skin health. This is grossly overlooked. It’s for this reason Dr. Bartlett has worked to biohack the skins health with an approach topically, and then internally. 

Diminshed fine lines & wrinkles

Sometimes just a little Botox can help relax the muscles, and helping soften those skin indentations while we set to work on improving the health of the skin.

Your Skin Youthful Appearance Performance Medicine Columbus Ohio MetaboLab Your Biohack

Actually healthier skin

Micronutrient status makes healthy skin. Antioxidant status matters. Glutathione is relevant here. Removing systemic exposures that could be causing damage, matters.

Improved texture of the skin

What if you could know through genetic testing how your body is likely to perform with sunspots, stretch marks, and more? Yes, we can test for that. Insight helps.

Skin glow

We can set to work with NAD+ protocols and peptide protocols with performance medicine to help your skin glow from real health, not just topical, temporary, transition.

Your Brain

Cognitive Performance

There are things you can do to help your brain work better. This is called performance medicine. By doing certain things, you can help your neurons work better and optimize your cognitive performance.





Detailed work.

All of these are abilities that every high performing individual is required to have, but perhaps this is also a demand. 

Your Brain Cognitive Performance Performance Medicine Columbus Ohio MetaboLab Your Biohack

Improved focus

Requires flow state.

Higher clarity

Energy state of the brain matters. We can help with NAD+ protocols.

Longer intensity

High energy, preferred macros, and maybe even intermittent fasting can be helpful.

Deep flow endurance

Neurochemistry is dependent on making sure the necessary quantities of micronutrients are present. We test for this. 

Neuron health and healing

Optimized macros, lower controlled glucose levels, micronutrient levels, correct levels of antioxidants, and even peptide protocols to help with PTSD, TBI, addictions, and cravings rounded out with NAD+ protocols can help. The lower the level of inflammation, the better for the brain. And let’s not forget the need for optimized sleep. 

Replenish cofactors for brain performance

What is one, if not the highest, energy burning parts of the body? Our brains. Where creates cellular energy? Mitochondria. Let’s optimize our mitochondria using performance medicine.

Your Lifestyle


Part of what makes us unique as human beings is our ability and need for human interaction. We were not designed to be isolated — we learned a lot about this from this past pandemic.

Our close relationships matter even more. Biologic changes, depression, or fatigue can all be misinterpreted as a flaw in a relationship due to communication break down, but in reality, it can be one or both individuals in the relationship may just feel physiologically poorly.

But they just can’t put their finger on why they feel so poorly, and have no idea what to do, how to investigate, or remedy it. 

Fatigue is the great culprit, and fortunately taking a cellular approach may help.

Your Lifestyle Connection Performance Performance Medicine Columbus Ohio MetaboLab Your Biohack.png

Low libido

By optimizing the body as a whole, and then we can even try a peptide protocol to help enhance libido.


Chronic reversible exhaustion does not lead to more connection — it usually leads to more frustration. Correcting energy imbalances and restoring cellular energy ability is key.

Imbalanced hormones due to imbalanced body composition

Too high estrogen, and too low testosterone is not uncommon with elevated stores for body fat with both men and women. For many, testosterone levels can rise with the targeted exercise, micronutrient repletion, and lowering body fat. Some peptide protocols may have an additive affect to the groundwork listed above.

What is performance medicine?
Performance medicine is health and human performance expertise and innovations in nutrient and data-driven personalized protocols for performance & longevity.
For each of these goals, can there be crossover beneift?
Absolutely. That’s the beauty of performance medicine.

We try to focus on our client’s goals and prioritize our protocols to their specific needs.
But fortunately cellular health has wide spread impact that can help other symptoms when addressed, which is also why somebody can feel so poorly at the same time with cellular dysfunction.

How can a future MetaboLab performance medicine client work with our clinic?
Great question, you can learn more on our ‘How it works’ page for ways to work with our performance medicine clinic.
Is there a list of types of performance medicine testing does this clinic offer?
Please see our ‘Services’ page to learn more.
What types of performance medicine treatments does the clinic offer?
Please see our review our performance medicine ‘Treatments’ page to learn more.
What is the pricing for these services?

It can could be as simple as a single $30 vitamin booster injection, up to a more complex 12 month plan that is individually tailored to each client’s goals, budget, and timeline, inclusive of age appropriate nutraceuticals, injections, and maybe even infusions. 

Not everybody needs everything, but some may. It’s for this reason a simple menu to order off of is not something we routinely offer. 

Afterall, we want to try to maximize our client’s outcomes as much as possible, but just like any other medical clinic, no guarantees can be made. 

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