But how will you know if our clinic and the MetaboLab Services is what might help you?

We created a Webinar explaining our approach, testing, and further new offerings for your convenience.

We know life is busy and time is short. So we thought we’ll make this even better for you. A free, no cost walk through of how we approach cellular health and how we can help you. We figure if we can save you money on simply learning about us, then we can really get to business helping you when you do reach out.

Also, you can watch this on any day, and at any hour of the day or night. #Convenience

You’ll get a discount code too, to save on your Intensive Consult, should you decide to book it.

This will help to educate you about how our clinic aims to help our clients.

We find that this greatly helps the understanding of our future clients, and helps in their decision making abilities on whether they would like to move forward with our clinic’s services and treatments.

How we offer an intro to our clinic, The Complementary Exploratory Consult:

Our On Demand Webinar

Save time. Access anytime.

We are offering this because not everybody has time during the work week for these consults. Also, some may want to devote their precious time to the next step after this Complementary Exploratory Consult.

After completing a quick form, we can get this webinar access set up for you, immediately.

As a thank you for utilizing this method, there is an opportunity for a discount code for the Intensive Consult by watching the webinar. The webinar is 53 minutes long.

You’re also welcome to book a paid consult to have this experience too, it’s $200. See below.


Fast Online On Demand Webinar With Dr. Bartlett

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Prefer a Paid Consult?

You can do this live with Dr. Bartlett, same information shared.

Cost is $200. 

Simply click the button for easy booking.