A Performance Medicine Leader & Cellular Health Advocate

Heather Bartlett MD

Heather Bartlett MD

Board Certified Family Medicine, ABFM

physician/entrepreneur/innovator/chief metabolic health advocate

Heather Bartlett, M.D. at MetaboLab, Your Biohack

Our Care Starts With Our Mission According to Heather Bartlett MD:

We believe that real metabolic wellness and cellular healing can be created with a combination of mindset, science, and implementation — and we want to ignite a rebirth of health, first in Central Ohio, then the Midwest, and finally our nation.

Big goals, but we think we can help. We want to help. We have to help.

Our collective health as a nation is on the line — and this pandemic has opened all our eyes to our vulnerability, our metabolic status.

We will work to act as the bridge to help people understand the difference between the managed disease state to true metabolic wellness, the real goal.

We want to disprove the notion that Ohio, compared to other states, is not a health motivated state — we believe Ohio just hasn’t had an opportunity like this just yet.

When Ohioans, and those willing to travel to Ohio are ready, we’ll be here.

Heather Bartlett MD       she/her

Educational Background

2004 Texas A&M University – College Station. Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology, College Station, TX.

2006 Partial completion of Masters in Health Administration, St. Joseph’s College of Maine, Standish, ME. Concurrent during Medical School.

2008 St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, Grand Cayman. Doctorate of Medicine Degree, British West Indies.

2008 ECFMG Certified.

2009 Completed Internship in General Surgery, The Jewish Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio.

2011 Completed Family Medicine Residency, Mount Carmel Health System, Columbus Ohio.

2010-2011 Administrative Chief Resident of Family Medicine Residency, Mount Carmel Health System, Columbus Ohio.

2012 Board Certified Family Medicine, ABFM.

2022 Completed training under Dr. Craig Koniver of Koniver Wellness, Performance Medicine.

Post Graduate Career

2012 Outpatient Family Medicine Physician, Tukwilla, WA.

2013 Emergency Medicine, Odessa, TX.

2013 Emergency Medicine, Huntington, WV.

2013 Pre-admission Testing Clinician for Surgical Procedures, Columbus, OH.

2014 Urgent Care Physician, Groveport, OH.

2016 Founder, Physician of Columbus’ First Direct Primary Care Practice, Columbus OH.

2021 Founder, Physician of MetaboLab, Columbus’ First Metabolic Wellness Clinic, offering Elite Metabolic Evaluation, Columbus OH.

Prior Speaking Engagements

April 2017 Startup Storytellers, Taking the Leap, Presenter

February 2018 Phi Delta Epsilon, The Ohio State University, Guest Speaker

March 2018 Benjamin Rush Institute at the Leadership Conference at The Ohio State University, Guest Speaker

May 2018 Benjamin Rush Institute at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, Speaker

November 2018 DPC Nuts & Bolts Conference, Orlando, FL. Panel Presenter

Outside of Medicine

Dr. Bartlett is married, and resides in Clintonville. She has three strong personality cats, and two adopted dogs, all of which love snuggling, sunshine, and the outdoors. She and her wife have adventured out into the world of tear-drop camping, hiking, and overall love of the outdoors. They have travelled across the country from Ohio to California, many times.

She is passionate about health with regard to stress management, and understanding that everybody needs to learn healthy outlets for stress — for her, it’s a mix of vegetable gardening, fixing/repairing things around the house, listening to books, jogs through the ravines with her dogs, cooking at home, and striving to always be learning.

Tennis is a passion, and she loves her Olympic Tennis community. What great people and exercise! She’s known for an occasional wicked forehand.

Her clinic is a proud member of the Clintonville Area Business Association (CABA). 

Kindness is paramount, along with healthy boundaries.

She loves attending outdoor concerts, festivals, and overall community time with her dear friends.

She attends King Avenue United Methodist Church in the Short North.

Most of all, she loves medicine’s ability to solve problems, not just bandaid them — hence her true joy and passion in this clinic. She loves being able to serve her clients with this skill set.

MetaboLab, Your Biohack

Our Team

We’re excited to introduce our team to you.

Exceptional skills, but most importantly professional and kind.

Nick Holderbaum

Meet Nick.

As a certified paramedic, and former firefighter, Nick understands the need for elite health and fitness, while being realistic in knowing the metabolic challenges that can stand in the way.

He personally has a passion for health, fitness, and nutrition.

He works along side Dr. Bartlett to help you strive to meet your goals.

He also operates a Finnish style, wood burning heated mobile sauna that our clinic offers to our clients, along side our cold plunge offerings.

Certified Paramedic | Performance Health Coach

Joy Holderbaum

Meet Joy.

An experienced nurse with a personal interest in biohacking that started years ago.

Registered Nurse | IV Therapy Administration & Phlebotomy