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Learn about our offerings at MetaboLab, Your Biohack

It’s time to take control of your health in a new way.

A more personalized approach.

Now that you’ve made the decision to start using precision based medicine to your cellular advantage, let’s make this simple for you. Let’s learn how we can work together.


Option 1: The DIY (Do It Yourself)

This is a more rare selection, as most who have found our clinic are usually seeking a plan, rather than a one off solution.

But we want to support those that are needing more data too, so we offer this option.

Put simply, you’re looking for specific test, diagnostic test, or therapy we offer, and are ready to move forward? 

No problem. We can help. 

Option 2: The MetaboLab Experience

This is the more commonly sought approach with our clinic. After all if it was easy, the self-biohacking approach would work for everybody — but often it doesn’t.

That’s why when we say YOUR BIOHACK, this is about YOU, but we work with you and provide a systemic medical approach through more comprehensive approach with advanced labs, diagnostic testing, and precision supplementation as needed, The Biohack.

Option 1

How to get started with The DIY (Do It Yourself)

 Take a look at our offerings and simply book.

Please note, the DIY still requires consults with Dr. Bartlett for medical needs, such as any lab testing.

If diagnostic testing is all you’re looking for, we can book that without a consult, however please know, Dr. Bartlett will not be reviewing the results with you, unless booked specifically with a consult with her. 

Option 2

The MetaboLab Experience

Over the past year, we have learned that to save and time energy of our clients, we have had to streamline our approach to the introduction of our clinic. 


Many think they know what they need or want, and then realize they’re overwhelmed by the options and how to put it together.

This is exactly why this clinic exists. It’s too much to try to DIY for many. Again, many have tried DIY, and it doesn’t seem to be working. So let’s work together.

Step 1 is educating yourself about our clinic and exactly what we offer. We accomplish this by either watching our Webinar (at any hour of the day!) or by completing a Complementary Exploratory Consult with Dr. Bartlett.

We realize people are busy, that’s why we offer this information in 2 methods. But please remember, your personal health history is not discussed with either of these options. Read on to learn where and how that can be discussed further below. 


But how will you know if you the MetaboLab Experience is what might help you?

We require either the Free Webinar viewing or a Paid Exploratory Consult for this option.

You can either:

a) Watch our free webinar whenever you want


b) Schedule a paid, live Zoom meeting with Dr. Bartlett

This will help to educate you about how our clinic aims to help our clients.

We find that this greatly helps the understanding of our future clients, and helps in their decision making abilities on whether they would like to move forward with our clinic’s services and treatments.

Complementary Exploratory Consult

Method 1: Our On Demand Webinar

Save time. Access anytime.

The first method is to watch a webinar of Dr. Bartlett going over the same screen share presentation of information she does live.

We are now offering this because not everybody has time during the work week for these consults. Also, some may want to devote their precious time to the next step after this Complementary Exploratory Consult.

After completing a quick form, we can get this webinar access set up for you, immediately.

We encourage those that are time strapped to utilize this method.

As a thank you for utilizing this method, there is an opportunity for a discount code for the Intensive Consult by watching the webinar.

Fast Online On Demand Webinar With Dr. Bartlett

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Exploratory Consult

Method 2: Live review with Dr. Bartlett

Some people prefer live, we get it. 

The second method is a live Zoom with Dr. Bartlett doing a screen share with you of the same information in the webinar, and it allows you to ask brief questions of clarification of our offerings only. Exact pricing is not discussed here as that would require a review of history and needs, to then be able to formulate a plan for you. We do let you know the cost of our total testing offerings.

With this Exploratory Consult with Dr. Bartlett, please remember, your personal health history is not discussed here. 

Please remember you get access to the same information faster, and for free, with above webinar.

Cost of this intro consultation is $200.

The next decision:

After you learn about our clinic offerings with our Webinar, or the Complementary Exploratory Consult, you have only 1 decision left to make.

Do I want to “Do It Myself”?

Or Should I Invest in The Intensive Consultation?


You can read more about these on our Services page.

I've never heard of a clinic like this before. Why didn't I know a clinic like this existed?

You’re absolutely right! There’s never been a clinic like this combining all this powerful science. We believe we are the first in the nation to combine all of it.

So please tell your friends and family so they are “in the know”!

What training does Dr. Bartlett have for this?

First, Dr. Heather Bartlett is Board Certified in Family Medicine, a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine.

Second, Dr. Bartlett is avid problem solver for her patients. It’s for this purpose that when she was helping patients reverse metabolic conditions per patient request, rather than just add medications in her former DPC practice, she noticed trends that were concerning. Many of those that were taking traditional medications — the labs weren’t improving, despite say, being on a statin from an advanced cholesterol testing (pre- & post-Rx).

It is for this reason she started reading the research, and looking at other pioneers in the metabolic health space to really help create metabolic change.

Fast forward years later, she pioneered and reverse engineered what client needs really were.

Then, she pioneered booster injection protocols to help people feel better faster.

But she didn’t stop there.

She has also received training under Dr. Craig Koniver in South Carolina. He has been an innovator and practitioner in this space for almost 20 years, with real clinical experience with his patient panel using cutting edge cellular healing with performance medicine protocols. He has clients that travel the world to see him, including A List celebrities, players in the NHL, NFL, national cyclists, among others.

But Dr. Bartlett didn’t just receive training underneath him, she herself experienced treatment protocols first hand — a game changing experience for her.

She felt so compelled about the science, she also took her 85 year old father, a physician, to learn and experience these as well. He absolutely tolerated these safely, and felt improved energy.

Needless to say, Dr. Bartlett is absolutely a biohacker herself, and lives by our motto, of Your Biohack.

Is this "woo woo" or fake science?

Actually, that couldn’t be further from it.

This is all science that most physicians learned in premed studies, and within the first 2 years of medical school.

This is the application of biochemical science used powerfully to help heal the body by supporting it, rather than forcing it.

It almost seems that most practitioners feel like that was time wasted in those classes.

Dr. Bartlett feels strongly the opposite. This is all highly relevant.

It’s like after taking our pharmaceutical classes, we stopped thinking of how the body could help itself, given the right aid.

That’s what makes this clinic so unique.

What kinds of services do you offer?

Great question!

We offer:

  • One time evaluations

  • One time injections

  • One time infusions (coming soon)

  • One time diagnostic testing or lab testing

  • And also….

But we feel that our clients that have the most success understand that real, meaningful cellular health takes time, and with a year long strategy to work through and adjust, is much more realistic. It also means the results can be much more profound.

It’s for this reason, we also offer memberships.

All of this is detailed and discussed within our complementary consult.

The next step after this is to discuss exactly what might be the right options for you. This is a required paid consult that has an in-depth review of a health status questionnaire created by Dr. Bartlett to know exactly what your goals, timeline, and budget are. We only offer what we think can serve you based on the information you provide, and what she reviews.

How would I know what I need to feel better?

This is actually a very common thought.

It’s exactly for this reason that we require a consultation with Dr. Bartlett.

The goal is to see if, and how, we can help you. If we can, to outline a potential plan based on your individual goals, timeline, and budget.

Why would somebody choose this clinic over other options?

Many people, if they’re honest with themselves, will realize that, upon reflection, perhaps their health goals were not met. They may be tired of inaccurate advice, or have never had the chance to try to “just feel better.”

We think giving people the chance to heal from a cellular health perspective can reverse many issues people have, and by doing so, many people feel much better just through this simplified approach.

Is this Obesity Medicine, or Functional Medicine?

No to both.

This is a totally different approach.

Both Obesity Medicine & Functional Medicine take a disease first approach, meaning it’s about either finding the root cause of somebody’s illness (sometimes to no avail), or simply by trying medications or an eventual referral to a bariatric surgeon.

We like our future clients who might consider bariatric surgery to remember this key principle: The biochemical process of losing weight is the same whether a stomach is cut or not, fatty acid oxidation must occur, meaning utilizing fat stored (adipocyte) energy.

Individuals who may have an elevated BMI that might be considering this, should know they may have genetic mutations that create difficulty for them to burn fat as energy, regardless of whether or not they have their GI tract manipulated.

In our clinic, we work to aid those individual’s body’s ability to override that genetic mutation through a combination of potential protocols.

Payment options?

We accept cash, ACH transfer, credit cards, debit cards, HSA, FSA.

For credit cards, debit cards, HSA cards, FSA cards, we will require an additional 3% processing fee due to increasing prices and inflation pressures starting March 1, 2023. 

We also utilize Cherry Payment Plans. We can send you more information regarding this if you like.

Is this still full spectrum Direct Primary Care? (DPC)

No, no longer.

As of 2020, Dr. Bartlett closed her practice as a DPC practice to focus exclusively on this practice.

DPC was full spectrum family medicine. Our MetaboLab offerings at The Bartlett Medical Clinic & Wellness Center is a focussed practice on metabolic and cellular health.