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A Healthcare Revolution Is Coming

Embrace Medicine 3.0: Elevate Your Health Columbus Ohio

Your Search Is Over — We Are Redefining Healthcare for Longevity, Metabolic Flexibility, and Neuroprotection


You’ve read Dr. Peter Attia’s book, Outlive, you listened to podcasts featuring him, and now you’re ready to see what’s available to you, and how to create daily improved health.


Medicine 3.0 Matters

We’re meeting disease too late. In other words, we’ve already exited our healthspan years, and are simply in lifespan years.

Healthspan: The years of your life that disease is absent.

Lifespan: The total number of years of your life inclusive of disease.

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, traditional approaches to medicine are being reimagined.

At MetaboLab, we’re proud to lead the way with Medicine 3.0 – an innovative, holistic approach that goes beyond symptom management to focus on longevity, metabolic flexibility, and neuroprotection.

We’re different because we understand you’re unique.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Let’s walk through this together.

Precision Diagnostics

From body composition testing to advanced cardiometabolic labs, telomere length analysis, and intracellular micronutrient testing, we leave no stone unturned in assessing your health from every angle. By delving deep into your biological makeup, we uncover valuable insights that guide personalized treatment strategies.

Metabolic Optimization

Resting metabolic rate testing, intracellular NAD+ level testing, and integration with Lumen for metabolic flexibility enhancement form the backbone of our approach. We believe that metabolic health is the foundation of overall well-being, and we’re dedicated to optimizing it for each individual.

Genetic Insights

Through Genetic Direction insights and MTHFR mutation analysis, we unlock the secrets of your DNA to tailor interventions that promote metabolic learning and resilience. By understanding your genetic predispositions, we empower you to make informed choices for your health

Personalized Interventions

Armed with comprehensive data, our team – including a dietitian, performance health coaches, and Dr. Heather Bartlett – collaborates to design bio-personalized supplement formulations and dietary plans that address your unique needs and goals.

Early Detection

Our clinic offers cutting-edge Galleri early cancer screening detection testing, allowing for the earliest possible detection of cancer biomarkers. With early intervention, we strive to improve outcomes and save lives.

Cutting-Edge Treatments

From specialized consults for cardiac imaging to restless leg treatment sessions with MedMassager, B12 injections, lipo+ injections, and vitamin infusions, we offer a comprehensive suite of treatments to address a wide range of health concerns.

Holistic Wellness

Beyond traditional treatments, we offer innovative therapies such as Finnish outdoor wood burning mobile sauna, outdoor cold plunge, and contrast therapy with sauna and cold plunge. These modalities not only enhance metabolic flexibility but also promote neuroprotection and overall well-being.


Is it really enough? Or should we be PROACTIVE.

In your heart of hearts, you know the truth.

The problem is health insurance and billing parameters are not set out for this method of care. 


Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis

The InBody 570 provides detailed measurements of your body composition, including muscle mass, body fat percentage, visceral fat, and more.

Benefit: Gain a deeper understanding of your body composition, allowing for targeted interventions to optimize metabolic health and overall well-being.

Objective Data for Informed Decision-Making

Armed with objective data from body composition testing, you can make informed decisions about your diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits to support your health and fitness goals.

Benefit: Enjoy greater confidence and clarity in your health and fitness journey, with the ability to track progress and make adjustments as needed based on objective measurements.

Identification of Imbalances and Weaknesses

Body composition testing can uncover imbalances or weaknesses in your body composition that may be contributing to health issues or limiting performance.

Benefit: Address underlying imbalances to improve metabolic health, enhance physical performance, and reduce the risk of injury or illness.

Personalized Recommendations

Our healthcare professionals use the data from body composition testing to develop personalized recommendations tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Benefit: Receive customized guidance on nutrition, exercise programming, and lifestyle modifications to optimize metabolic flexibility and promote long-term health and vitality.

Trackable Progress

Regular body composition testing allows for ongoing monitoring of progress and adjustments to your health and fitness plan as needed.

Benefit: Stay accountable and motivated on your health journey, with the ability to track changes in your body composition over time and celebrate milestones along the way.

Proactive Care

Why Choose MetaboLab for Medicine 3.0?

  • Expert Guidance: Led by Dr. Heather Bartlett, a pioneer in the field of biohacking and metabolic optimization, our team brings unparalleled expertise and passion to every aspect of your care.

  • Patient-Centric Approach: At MetaboLab, your health and well-being are our top priorities. We take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your goals, and develop personalized treatment plans that meet your unique needs.

  • Innovative Solutions: By embracing the latest advancements in diagnostics, treatments, and technology, we’re able to offer innovative solutions that deliver real results and improve quality of life.


Why do you take a limited number of clients per month?

Effectiveness and results.

We are not interested in our clients investing in testing and labs, then lacking support. 

It’s for this reason we keep our interactions high quality over high quantity.

The energy and time we spend to help clients is intentional and, for most, a necessity. It’s a necessity because if this was easy, clients would not be reaching out to us in the first place.

For those considering our services, we encourage potential clients to not delay and take action today, so they are not waitlisted.

What type of health conditions might be related to how I feel?


Wonderful question!

  • Cholesterol issues
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar concerns (insulin resistance, prediabetes, diabetes)
  • Excess body fat (adipose tissue: it is its own organ!)
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Cognitive (brain) changes
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Recurrent injuries
  • Poor wound healing
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Skin conditions
  • Digestion issues
  • Gout/Elevated uric acid levels
  • Elevated homocysteine levels
  • MTHFR issues
  • Headaches
  • Persistent hunger
  • Inability to fast or time restricted feed
  • Persistent weight gain despite tremendous efforts of dieting and/or exercising
  • And others
What if I don't have any of those diagnosed health conditions? Could I still benefit?


In fact, this clinic was created to help people who feel poorly find answers and solutions to why they feel unwell. For many, other healthcare offerings have failed to offer insights, let alone specific testing or treatments. 

What if I only feel... Off? Tired? Just not as good as I used to?

Congratulations, you’re in the right place.

Natural aging will cause this, even in our 30s. But there is hope. We have holistic solutions and testing that can show insight into what needs to be done.

For women: post childbirth, perimenopause, or postmenopause can cause this. There is metabolic energy change that happens in this time. The term used for brain fog is called a cerebral hypometabolic state. Literally: low energy brain, which can be not only frustration, but track into dementia risk directly.

For men: excess body fat creates excess estrogen, which will cause them to not feel like themselves. Alcohol will crush testosterone secretion that happens overnight too. Most men don’t realize that T therapy will cause the testes to produce even less T, so the doses will need to increase with time.

Our process helps you understand these common issues are specifically impacting YOU. This is the study of one client at at time, n=1.

What if I'm simply trying to perform better for a sport or activity?

Your cellular health impacts everything

So even if you think you’re doing everything you possibly could, the truth is likely that there is still fine tuning that can be done. 

We love helping clients have breakthroughs.

What if I've tried everything else and it didn't help me?

We hear that a lot. And we understand.

This is exactly why we have our initial consult: We need to know everything. We also need to know, realistically, that we can help you.

We need to know context: what you’ve already tried and why.

Many people try a one-off solution that comes with guarantee, only to find their struggles return. 

Why is that?

Because they tried taking a shortcut, and the body will always eventually outsmart shortcuts (even liposuction for most!). 

You need a real long-term plan for your body, especially if you’re somebody who says they care about longevity.

For weight loss: Do you do surgery? Prescribe bio-identical hormones? Give HCG?

No. This is a non-surgical medical weight loss approach whose focus is holistic weight loss. (Oh… did you know that the top 10 programs in the United States with the highest success rates don’t use HCG?) 

What about phentermine or phendimetrazine or Topamax?

No again. 

Our goal is for our clients to know what their bodies need to thrive, not simply lose weight. That’s why we take a holistic view and strongly suggest working with us long term as weight loss is complex.

Understanding your full and complete health is a key piece to this puzzle. Without this, many will continue to struggle with weight loss and experience other issues, like fatigue and brain fog.

Is this functional medicine? Because I've already tried functional medicine and it didn't help me.

No, we are not functional medicine. And to be honest, that’s intentional. 

Our approach is unique. It’s a cellular health focus, which thereby impacts our entire body and longevity.

Right now functional medicine is being sold on every corner, it seems. And it’s the same process for everybody (a lot of poop testing!). Not saying it doesn’t help some, but we know that’s not the only way to help.

That’s simply not us. 

We are all humans and have certain biological and biochemical truths, but what each person needs is totally different from another. 

That’s because we all have different:

  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Lifestyle
  • Exercise history
  • Nutrition history
  • ACE scores
  • Sleep patterns
  • And more…

So we offer a unique way to try to help our clients thrive. 

As one of our favorite brands says: “Treat the System, not the Symptoms.” We agree 100%.

As a medical clinic, we approach your needs from a cellular health perspective. Everything possible is taken into consideration. 

Is this a Medicine 3.0 Clinic like Dr. Peter Attia talks about?

Yes, we believe we are a Medicine 3.0 clinic.

Longevity is the focus of our approach.

We understand that, unfortunately, most Americans have already exited their healthspan years. How do we know this? Because by definition, healthspan is the number of years we are alive in the absence of any disease.

Any person who struggles with any type of metabolic/metabolism-related diagnosis, which is many Americans, has already exited healthspan and entered into lifespan (the number of year we are simply “alive” with disease).

So we realize our first obligation and the reality for most of our clients is that we have to work on chronic disease first. Only then can we entertain the true discussion of healthspan.

As Attia, and even Andrew Huberman, PhD, make clear, it’s that it takes intentionality, effort, and for most, a guide.

I've been listening to biohacking podcasts. Is this clinic good for biohackers?


We offer unique testing and therapies not easily found in Columbus, Ohio, from a clinical perspective. 

The “Your Biohack” in our logo is intentional. 

Why are consults done through telemedicine?

Dr. Bartlett designed this clinic for specific outcomes.

She does not see the utility in clients wasting time driving to her clinic; she would rather that time used to grocery shop, meal prep, work out, meditate, strategic nap, play with their kids/grandkids, etc. Driving time is wasted time. 

Also, she designed these consults so clients can learn.

Lab reports and testing comparisons are pulled up side-by-side on screen sharing, providing a much deeper client learning experience, rather than simply “talking at” a client face-to-face.

We encourage clients to use a computer screen when able, as tablets and phones limit client benefits during the experience. 

Lastly, it would be wholly inefficient to have these in depth reviews face-to-face with paper records. The days of paper reports are behind us — electronic is now. Clients can then download all their reports and have the files electronically for their ease to review over time. 

So when do I come into the clinic?

You’ll come into the clinic for:

  • Initial lab and testing session.
  • Any repeat, follow up labs as needed.
  • Treatments, such as injections or infusions.
  • Follow up body composition or resting metabolic rate testing.

Ultimately, when a client needs to come in for labs, testing, or treatments, we make that happen. Otherwise we keep things efficient with doing consults online.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, no. We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid either.

Dr. Bartlett is opted-out of Medicare, so Medicare beneficiaries are not able to seek reimbursement from Medicare — if they try to, that is considered fraud.

At this time, our healthcare system has not kept pace with the advanced testing that should be covered to help provide the specialized insight most people need to feel better and learn about their bodies.

We believe the labs and testing we offer should be available, even if insurance won’t cover it. And, hopefully in the future, we can create a movement to change our sickcare into truly preventative and proactive healthcare.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card, debit card, and cash. 

Unfortunately due to most HSA/FSA max/caps per day, we can no longer accept them. That said, you can always check with HSA/FSA vendor to see if you can reimburse yourself from your HSA/FSA after paying with another debit/credit card.

We also offer financing through Cherry. Learn more here. 

Why do you require deposits for most visits?

Nobody likes their time wasted – plus, it’s rude, right?

But, from a clinical standpoint, if you cancel at the last minute, you literally took another client’s potential appointment.

We put time, energy, and effort into our appointments before the actual appointment. And we are a small practice. We simply cannot accept routine cancellations as it hurts our ability to help others. 

What is your guarantee?

After getting your testing and lab results, we guarantee you’ll have a much better understanding of why you feel the way you do and what to do to reverse it. For many, that’s the first battle — what to change?!

Of course, most change for clients happens 99% of the time outside our clinic, so we rely on clients who are not only motivated, but disciplined. Why? Because motivation can ebb and flow, and reversing cellular dysfunction takes time and consistency. 

Consistency and time are why we have long-term support and coaching for clients. We are their guide through this process.

Do you provide full primary care services too?

No, we do not. 

Why? Because we need to focus on issues deeper than taking a pill for symptom management. 

Most clients are shocked at the amount of time we spend with them explaining. That’s intentional; we must do things focused towards specific goals.

Ready to Experience Medicine 3.0?

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Heather Bartlett at MetaboLab, Your Biohack, and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you. With Medicine 3.0, the future of healthcare is here – and it’s waiting for you at MetaboLab.

Embrace Medicine 3.0: Elevate Your Health with Dr. Heather Bartlett at MetaboLab, Your Biohack