I have to admit, while I was reading this case file from SpectraCell, my mind was blown.

A simple case of “picky eaters” created a snowball affect after prolonged micronutrient deficiencies. How many other “picky eating” kids from pre-K to high school and even to college are there? I’m betting the number would astound all of us. 

What if we can know how to help these kids continue to biologically develop with good cellular health despite this pickiness (of which this pickiness, I know many parents do their best trying to implement other way to create health)? 

And what if we can help, from a medical and clinical view, that doesn’t just force them to eat it, coercion, or making extra recipes, or…. other?

What if we could head off other serious health conditions too? 

It’s really not a question. We know we should encourage kids (and adults!) to eat things, but we’ve lost the common sense on WHY it matters so darn much. Maybe it’s because we lost hope. Maybe because we didn’t know there was a test so powerful it could give us the insights needed to know just how poorly, and/or how amazingly, we are doing from a functional cellular perspective. Maybe.

Maybe we never heard the term intracellular functional deficiency before. I never learned this in pre-med, med-school, or residency. But that’s not an excuse anymore.

The test we need exists. Now. This is just one case file I plan to link to show just how critical this lab offering is, and it’s a been around over 30 years. Thanks to one researcher who said ENOUGH, and set out to create a lab and method to allow this science that only previously existed in pharmaceutical labs and research labs, to be available and USEFUL in the clinical space for clinicians and patients to benefit from. 

Any clinician who doubts this lab without reviewing their science should honestly take some time and start researching. We should never stop learning. And just because insurance won’t pay for it, does not give us an excuse to not know about and utilize this lab for our patients. 

It leads me to question, even after every single lab review of newly resulted intracellular micronutrient reports I see, how in the world is this not a mainstay in modern medicine?

It’s simply ridiculous that it’s not.

There is a lot of common sense medical ability we all have at varying levels — as a patient, as an advocate for another, and as an individual that works in healthcare. As a clinician, this is a no brainer. 

And yes, we offer this testing through our clinic, MetaboLab, Your Biohack.