Medical clinic focused on Longevity & Anti-Aging with a focus on Metabolic & Cellular Health including Weight Loss in Columbus Ohio Biohacking 2023

The Elite Metabolic Health Clinic You’ve Been Waiting For With Varying Types of Biohacking

This clinic is based on years of experience working closely with patients and realizing how and where the traditional allopathic experience might fall short. That’s not a dig, that’s an experiential fact from Dr. Bartlett’s own experience. 

She didn’t create this new clinic concept out of thin air — it was out of demand. Patients were demanding a different level of care, testing, and outcomes. And on a very simple, meaningful level, they wanted to feel better at least. 

Many clinic’s have a 1 way approach: FODMAPs diet or another, high oral supplementation, only IV’s based on a menu rather than guided, only outer body defacing methods that have no metabolic impact (think any fat freezing or other method), non-sustainable 800 calorie a day diets, Rx only, or bariatric surgery. To be clear, that is not our approach.

 If you’re still reading, you’re in the right place.

Dr. Heather Bartlett in front of clinic on sunny day.

The MetaboLab, Your Biohack approach is personalized, and comprehensive with an immense amount of biohacking technology.

Features & Benefits


Personalized Data

A real roadmap, or personalized owner’s manual of your own body.

Not your friend’s.

Not your mother’s.

Not your sister’s.

Yours. It’s unique and wonderful, just need a manual for that amazing machine. We can help.


Diagnostic Testing with Real Insights

Resting metabolic rate testing.

Body composition testing with visceral fat monitoring levels.


Cardiovascular Insight Testing

Don’t just know the mass, or weight, of your cholesterol (which is what basic lipid panels show).

Go deeper, and see what your cholesterol is made of — the heart protectors, or the plaque makers. 

Knowledge is power. 


Genetic Testing for Results

Learn your body’s preferred macros percentages (fat, carbs, protein).

Your body’s ability to metabolize macros. Can your body process fat easily? Do you know?

It’s critical when mapping out a plan if weight loss matters.

How does your body respond to weight resistance training, cardio? Will it even respond much?

Let’s find out.


Telomere Length Testing

You’ve heard of biologic age versus chronological age?

This is it. Let’s find out.

Are you prematurely aging?

Time to test. Also, let’s recheck in 1 year to see if you’re helping or hurting with new implementations.


Intracellular Micronutrient Function & Levels


This makes your cells fire in the right or wrong way.

Little changes can make a big impact.

This is a shortfall of only looking at serum levels of vitamins and minerals.

Let’s get granular and make precision impact.


Immune Function Testing

Never heard of it?

That’s not surprising. Just because the disease based model of care doesn’t test it routinely, doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant.

This recent pandemic taught us the relevancy.

It’s time we investigate, learn, and know — so movement towards improved immunity is possible.


Antioxidant Levels & Function Testing

 Cellular, oxidative stress and damage is real. 

Being able to quantitate your body’s ability for the ability to help lessen the risk and damage is priceless. 

Ever heard of too much of antioxidants could cause another issue? Actual pro oxidative damage. 

Yes, it’s cellularly possible. Too much of a good thing, could be just that — only at the cellular level. 


Guided Biohacking Strategies

Going it alone may work for some, but for many, the biohacking process is daunting, tiring, and full of decision fatigue.

We believe in our client’s having the data they need to be able to create the health impacts they are seeking.

Performance medicine + precision medicine = A real health augmenting reality.


So then what? What do we do with all these insights?

We start making impact. Big time. Cellular impact. It affects everything.

Lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise insights when combined create powerful change.

Targeted oral supplementation with genetic mutations taken into consideration.

Injectable protocols for cellular optimization.

Intra-venous (IV) infusions for cellular resets and even faster optimization.


We work with our clients to solve a big problem for many: fatigue

It’s complex. Fatigue is multifactorial.

Does this sound familiar?

You go see your doctor because you are beyond exhausted. Lots of labs run. No obvious cause. See multiple specialists. No known cause or “etiology.”

You’re not alone. This is more common than you think. Fatigue is an excellent need for biohacking example.


Weight Loss

It’s starting to feel hopeless, right? Let’s change that.


It starts with weight gain — that’s slow. Our clothes still fit, but when we look in the mirror, the actual composition of our tissues is looking different. More saggy. More wrinkly. Stretch marks. Shoulders that once looked fit, now look tired and weak. Then we need larger clothes. “Mom jeans” and “Dad jeans” are now regular comments at home.

And… you’re fed up. The gym hasn’t helped. Dieting hasn’t helped. And the fatigue is at an all time high.

What’s worse, nobody’s explained just how much energy could be potentially stored in 1 lbs of fat or adipose tissue. Whether it is 3,000 up to 4,100 kcal of energy per pound, it’s irrelevant. The entire purpose of gaining fat was to stop starvation when available food for consumption ran out. 

Here’s the kicker, asking the human body to remove and use fat for energy (aka fat burning or weight loss of fat tissue) is one of the hardest asks we do — it’s a biochemically unfavorable event.

This is exactly why it is so difficult for many to acheive weight loss. It’s complex, and difficult.

It’s time for biohacking weight loss.


Weight Loss InBody 570 Body Composition Machine Biohack MetaboLab.jpg
Heather Bartlett MD Columbus Ohio Variable Resistance Training MetaboLab Your Biohack Antiaging Longevity

Longevity, Anti-Aging? But what does that even mean?

We have to get cellular. But only if we care about any of the following:


Dementia risk

This has more of an energy imbalance issue than most know. It can occur due to nutritional issues and deficiencies, as well as with energy excess related to metabolic syndrome, and especially diabetes.


Accelerating fatigue

Some fatigue is normal as we mature, but we can now do something about it. But for many, this is actually worsened due to what’s going on cellularly, lack of cofactors, and diminishing mitochondria (your cell battery packs so to speak).


Senescent cells

Zombie cells is a nice name for them. These are cells that stopped dividing, and they were supposed to die — but they didn’t. They’re dangerous. They create a tremendous amount of inflammation in the body. Our telomere length (the end caps of our chromosomes) matters here. We need to optimize the cellular machinery to get rid of these.


If you're worried that your golden years are actually behind you, instead of in front of you

All those trips and expeditions you had planned, are seeming out of reality now. Let’s work together to get you back on track and use biohacking technology to your advantage.

Mid life crisis. Is that what this really is?

Or should we call it, sick life crisis?

Or are we starting to feel sick in our middle age — making us feel defeated, depressed, and exhausted.

Biohacking books alone are not moving the needle for you.

What if we could start impacting our health earlier than we thought?

Yes, yes we can.

You can get that fancy new car that nobody understands, but only if you feel great too — let’s make a deal.

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Our cellular health matters – here’s an easy example

What We Know:

Vitamin D

Rate of Vitamin D Deficiency in US adults. Note: This is NOT including rates of Vitamin D Insufficiency.

Vitamin D is a big deal. Or as the young ones call it, a BFD.

It’s required for over 300 biochemical reactions to occur in our body.

What function does Vitamin D have?

Vitamin D is the principle regulator of calcium homeostasis in the body. It is essential for skeletal development and bone mineralization. Vitamin D is a prohormone with no hormone activity. It is converted to a molecule that has biological activity. The active form of the vitamin is 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, usually referred to as vitamin D3. It is synthesized in the skin from 7-dehydrocholesterol via photochemical reactions requiring UV light (sunlight).

Inadequate exposure to sunlight contributes to vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency in adults can lead to osteoporosis. This results from a compensatory increase in the production of parathyroid hormone resulting in bone resorption.

Increasing evidence is accumulating that vitamin D may also contribute to antioxidant function by inhibiting lipid peroxidation. The mechanism of the antioxidant effect is unknown. Vitamin D is also needed for adequate blood levels of insulin. Vitamin D receptors have been identified in the pancreas.

Where are the higher rates of deficiency in the US?

Except during the summer months, the skin makes little if any vitamin D from the sun at latitudes above 37 degrees north (in the United States, the shaded region in the map) or below 37 degrees south of the equator. People who live in these areas are at relatively greater risk for vitamin D deficiency.

FYI, this is us Ohio. 

Who might be at even higher risk?

What’s more, your skin’s production of vitamin D is influenced by age (people ages 65 and over generate only one-fourth as much as people in their 20s do), skin color (African Americans have, on average, about half as much vitamin D in their blood as white Americans), and possible sunscreen use.

What impact could nutrition and gut health have on it?

Lack of sun exposure would be less of a problem if diet provided adequate vitamin D. But there aren’t many vitamin D–rich foods, and you need to eat a lot of them to get 800 to 1,000 IU per day.

People who have trouble absorbing dietary fat — such as those with Crohn’s disease or celiac disease — can’t get enough vitamin D from diet no matter how much they eat (vitamin D requires some dietary fat in the gut for absorption).

And people with liver and kidney disease are often deficient in vitamin D, because these organs are required to make the active form of the vitamin, whether it comes from the sun or from food.

We get super nerdy about Mitochondria, I mean super.

Age related loss of mitochondria

+ Metabolic dysregulation

= Recipe for Chronic Fatigue

Gone to the gym, worked out. Looked around you. Everybody looks like they feel better after working out. 

Except you. 

You feel like garbage. More tired than you started. You start to wonder if everybody around you is lying about feeling great after working out. What gives?

It’s a good chance there may be something a wry with your mitochondria health: quantity, quality, and cofactor demands of them not being met.

Oh, and diminished amounts of NAD+. But we’ll talk about that later. There are biohacking supplements we can use to our cellular advantage. 

Dr. Bartlett explaining Performance nutrient treatment and peptide therapy at MetaboLab, Your Biohack

Lowering inflammation, it needs to be a priority.

Inflammation can cause pain, increase cardiovascular risk, wreak havoc on an immune system and the immune response.

Chronic joint pain. Aches. Pains. Elevated CRPs (a lab for inflammation). Edema. Water weight.

A body that doesn’t seem to recover as fast as it should after working out.

Yes, it could be inflammation.

But what does that even mean?

It’s not a zero sum game. It takes intentionality, and strategic, personalized approach to beat this back. Let’s work together with novel approaches in many ways.


Physical endurance potential

Ultramarathoner, marathoner, 5k-er, Crossfit-er, Silver Sneaker-er, Adventurer, Body Builder

The ability to perform what whatever your specific goals and needs are, is a paramount goal to this clinic. We take this very seriously. And if we don’t think we can help, we’ll tell you.

But taking a bigger science and personalized data approach can yield much better results for many. Couple that with novel therapeutic options and it’s match made in heaven.


Performance Medicine for Crossfit Marathons Ultramarathons 5ks and More at MetaboLab Your Biohack Columbus Ohio Dr Heather Bartlett.jpg
Executive Wellness Executive Medical Services OSU Executive Health Heather Bartlett MD Columbus Ohio MetaboLab Your Biohack

C-Suite Performance & Executive Wellness. CEO. CFO. CMO. COO. CIO. We get it.

Your cognitive, brain ability to function under stress and demand, partnered with a need for creativity and problem solving means you basically need jet-fuel for your brain.

Great news, we think we can help.

All of your brain cells need to be functioning as optimized a possible. That’s a fact. But why do we make our brain work and fire on basically kerosene, instead of premium gas?

It takes different thinking and different options to get you where not just you want to be, but at the level where your brain needs to be performing. 


What does Biohacking mean?

Biohacking usually means a method by which the individual themself, uses a DIY method of improving or augmenting their own bodies. 

What does Your Biohack mean at this clinic?

Your Biohack is very intentional.

Your = You.

Biohack = means we are working aside you with a physician, and medical view of what is going on with how you feel, your cells, your organs, your organ systems, your entire body to try to optimize it.

How to biohack your life?

We believe very genuinely the first step towards biohacking your life begins with your health at a cellular level. That’s where we start.

It’s all about understanding what is going right, and what is going wrong with your body.

Some people’s life might feel out of control, simply because they physically do not feel well, or have the energy to do what they need to do on a fundamental, basic daily need.

We work to improve that.

What makes MetaboLab, Your Biohack so unique?

We take a much more comprehensive approach than many other clinics.

You can review our approachs on our Services and Treatments page.

What is an article that might make me more familiar with idea of biohacking?

No problem. Check here.